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Not Born to Be Gladiators

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Это что-то новенькое! Первый раз слышу. Кажись, новый проект Страффи.

Рэйнбоу представляет?

Отредактировано дружок (2011-07-29 09:58:36)



О, да! Это будет МЕГА!



Надеюсь, хоть этот мультфильм Страффи не будет колы получать  :dontknow:



Инфа на сайте рэйнбоу

Rainbow's latest and greatest stereoscopic 3D animated feature film had its big premiere at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. The full length feature was directed by Iginio Straffi and scripted by Michael J. Wilson, the Oscar-winning writer of A Shark’s Tale and Ice Age 2. It will be officially released in 2012.

Left as an orphan by the terrible eruption of Pompeii, young Timo is saved by General Chirone, founder of the most famous Gladiators' Academy in Rome. As a young boy he grows up surrounded by all kinds of gladiators but shows no interest in becoming one of them. Instead, he is a happy go lucky and fun loving young man. He is somewhat apathetic and a little overweight and out of shape. Everything changes when Lucilla, Chirone's beautiful daughter, returns home from Greece. Timo grows fond of Lucilla, but she is promised to Cassio, who is Rome's top gladiator and a celebrated nephew of the Emperor. Timo wants so badly to show Chirone he's worthy of Lucilla's hand that he decides he must prove himself a better gladiator than Cassio. Temptation causes him to cheat and use a strength potion, serving as his short-cut to the arena. However, Timo's glory is short-lived. He is quickly exposed and banished from the Academy. Fate brings Timo to Diana , a mysterious and exotic trainer. Through a series of bizarre training escapades, Timo evolves into a Gladiator fit for the celebrated opening match of the grand Coliseum. Timo faces Cassio in front of a sell-out audience, determined to prove that he was in fact ‘born to be a gladiator’ -- the gladiator that Rome, as well as Lucilla, deserves. It is an adventure that must be seen to be believed!



А вот и видео. Без звука, а может я и оглох или комп сломался...






В кинотеатрах у нас скоро вылезут



Ыть, представить кровавую бойню РАБОВ и пленников на потеху публике, как престижные спортивные игры - это, конечно, рулит!


Вы здесь » Winx Club » Факты и домыслы » Not Born to Be Gladiators